Brahma Yoga

This astrological Yoga occurs when all the three conditions are fulfilled in a horoscope – First, Jupiter has to be in any of the Kendra or Quadrant houses 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th houses form the 9th house lord. Second, Venus has to be in any of the Kendra or Quadrant houses form the 11th house lord and third, Mercury has to be in any of the Kendra or Quadrant houses form the Lagna or Ascendant Lord. This is very rare and favorable combination as three conditions has to be fulfilled simultaneously for this astrological Yoga to occur. The person having this Yoga will acquire higher education, will be religious or spiritual minded, virtuous, charitable and will have a long life. He will have loyal and devoted wife, worthy children, will acquire land, property and wealth. He will travel far and wide and will overall be lucky with good health.

Horoscope Matching/ Kundali Matching/ Kundli Matching for Marriage Free

Like us on FaceBook! Vedic Astrology Chart Matching — Guna Milap A first step in arranging marriage for majority of Indians is ascertaining the compatibility of horoscopes or prospective husband and wife. The absolutely free kundli milan, guna milap, Indian Astrology software is developed as an application software to help you as the user to achieve this. This horoscope compatibility analysis software allows you to match two charts for compatibility in marriage purposes.

It uses ashtakoot guna system that works on moon nakshatra of prospective bride and groom.

Vedic Astrology Marriage Match Analysis Marriage Compatibility Through Vedic Astrology The most popular Vedic astrology marriage compatibility analysis method is .

Choose What To Do Looking for marriage compatibility, career guidance, love or relationships, muhurthas, fertility, govt jobs , remedies. Schedule Appointment We will take days to prepare and analyze horoscope. When will I get married? Will I marry a foreigner or not? Will I marry the person I love? My marriage will be arranged marriage or love marriage?

My life partner is committed to me or not? Will I have good married life? Will I be able to resolve my problems with my life partner?

Horoscope Matching/ Kundali Matching/ Kundli Matching for Marriage Free

Consult with our Vastu expert to omit any probability of being affected from negative effects of any misplaced natural element. Vastu For Business Business place is where you progress. Small or large business, every businessman longs for prosperity and success and Vaastu for Business helps in fulfilling this aim. Vastu For Apartment Vastu can help any architectural structure to have a harmony and growth through accurately placing different natural forces.

An apartment needs vastu to ensure togatherness.

Kundali Matching Vedic astrologers have been approached for Kundli reading of the perspective bride and groom since ages. Kundli Milaan or Horoscope Matching is an age-old practice in Hindu culture, especially in arranged marriages.

It assists in further enhancing the compatibility with your co-worker and also your communication skills. If you are running a business then you always want it to flourish and to get a new high. Vedic Astrology tells you about the right time you have to start a venture so that your business will get an ultimate success.

Our accurate suggestions and predictions will help your business grow constantly. Astrology has a vital role in keeping your marriage problems at bay. This section provides detailed compatability report as per the gunas system. You can also consult us for other love partnership and frienship issues you are going through.

So, what are you waiting for? Know our predictions and see what is there is store for you throughout the year. Are you suffering from any problem of your life and are inquisitive about your future? If yes, then you can ask any question from us and get best suggestions against your problems. With the help of our suggestions, you can handle your problems effectively. This one is a specialized and detailed astrology report which includes charts printed in the form of booklet and prepared according to time, place of birth and birth date.

Kundali Matching for Marriage

Thursday, August 07, Horoscope Match For Marriage Vedic astrology based marriage match, also called melapak, is one of the most important criteria for Hindu marriages. There are various criteria an astrologer need to look while matching the horoscope. These are some of the important points that needs to be considered in horoscope matching – Ashtakoot 36 points or Porutham Porutham is the term used almost in the same sense in South India as ‘Ashtakoot Guna Milap’ 36 point match in North Indian.

Generally in south India, it is divided into 10 sub items, whereas in North India, it is divided in 8 items viz. The 36 points match is primarily a matching of Janma Nakshatra birth constellation of bride and Janma Nakshatra of groom. Generally Nadi match is considered the most important one followed by Bhakoot match.

Apr 26,  · Horoscope Matching is something that is sanctioned by the ancient system of Vedic Astrology and is regarded as a proven method for deciding about the compatibility factors. This is based essentially on the Nakshatras, the star constellations.

There is a practice in India to take the name of bride and groom and use that information for matching of the horoscope. What people do is that they take the first letter of the name, try to derive a nakshatra and then match horoscope. This would have worked in olden times when the names were based strictly on nakshatra pada as explained in the namkarana sanskara post.

Therefore, there would be backward lookup and an astrologer could derive back the exact nakshatra and pada based on the first letter of the name and then use the information to find out the exact kundali matching parameters. Even now, the practice makes sense if we do not have any other information and use the name. The person should respond to the name properly — in case of nick names again, there is a complication.

While we cannot say anything about manglik dosha or other dosha balancing , but it it is supposed to give us a very good starting point. This is a wrong practice in current times. If you believe in horoscope compatibility, use the proper method.

Indian Astrology and its Components

Indian Astrology and its Components 27 Birth Stars Or Nakshatra There are total 27 birth stars in Indian astrology, each consisting 13 degrees and 20 minutes. There is a great importance of birth stars in predictive astrology as each birth or constellation is determined by transit of quickest moving planet the Moon. All important things related to planets are revealed there.

A detailed analysis of your personal number with respect to career, marriage and finance is given separately and precisely.

Vedic matchmaking astrology can reorganise your home or work place. Pandit Raj Kumar Sharma Ji is a an internationally acclaimed astrologer, recognized for his accurate predictions, gesture readings and exceptional knowledge in the field of numerology Gesture reading implies to conscious understanding of body language to judge a person or his.

She is an internationally-renowned consultant, teacher and lecturer. Indian born, Komilla Sutton is one of the pioneers in making this subject more accessible for Western readers. He is the son of the most famous Vedic astrologer of all times B. Raman, who has been chosen as the Jyotishi to explain the science of Vedic astrology to the United Nations.

He inherited from his Father the traditions of Jyotish and Vastu and is presently the publisher of Vedic astrology Magazine started by his Father since He has authored several bestseller books in English and regional languages of India. He is a Jaimini Scholar and has lectured internationally on Jyotish, Ayurveda and computing and has published extensively in peer-reviewed journals. She regularly holds Jyotish-themed workshops at Sivananda Yoga Tokyo Center, is a full-time translator in four languages and a part-time Vedic astrologer with clients in Japan and Europe.

He began his studies under Ronnie Dreyer and continues his studies under the guidance of Komilla Sutton. Sthapati Ganapati, a world renowned traditional architect of Southern India who relies on Vaastu principles in his projects.

Brahma Yoga

Following are some of the features provided in match making which is completely free. Astro Details This detail covers basic astrological points such as Moon sign, Sun sign, Nakshatra and their lords and complete Avakahada details. TheVarna tells us about their work capacity, personality, conduct and many key aspects related to their match. It shows the status of wealth and the innateness of mutual relations between the groom and the bride. It reflects the physical attraction and basic sexual compatibility between them.

Horoscope is a picture of the sky at the time of your birth. The position of planets help to understand the characteristic of humans. Same nature it can positive or negative it works depends on the time.

Yoga Searches Compatibility Module Kala’s Compatibility Module takes relationship compatibility to the next level with more compatibility specific calculations than any other Vedic Astrology compatibility software and the only effective astrological compatibility report. With Kala’s Compatibility Module you can: See the Ashta Kutas between not only the Moon, but also the Lagna and all the other planets.

Overlay the two charts, either Rasi or Navamsa, or Rasi and Navamsa. See Ashtakavarga points between the couple See Composite Charts See Davidson Charts Additionally, clicking on any of the headings in the Kutas matching pulls up a box explaining what each Kutas does, making the compatibility module a tutorial as well. Finally, Kala provides a multi-page report that effectively explains the compatibility in modern terms and with meanings that are applicable to modern life.

To see a sample report please read below. It measures the flow of the life force, or energy, between the two people, whether harmonious or inharmonious. This energy must flow from a positive to a negative terminal, just like a battery, for best results. Any obstructions to this flow may create a loss of power and therefore inertia, or a short circuit that may quickly heat up and explode.

Compatibility Module

As per modern text, if you have lot of money and luxury, and you occupied any higher designation in the career, if you are a famous politician or you hold any super star status in glamour industry or even any great image holder in the society, but suddenly you are losing everything along with reputation, known as downfall in the career.

But as far as I have observed so I would like to say this yoga is highly affecting top class politicians, Films stars, Pop singers, cricketers, sportsman, social worker, MD or CEO of the company, Or could be anyone who hold higher designation and reputation in the society. Or you can say like Career Success is a result of good deeds, when good deeds end, downfall occurs….!!!

Vedic Astrology has an excellent and proven method of compatibility matching based on nakshatras (Lunar Constellations), which is called Ashtakoot match or simply Documents Similar To MatchMaking Manisha. Want to learn Uploaded by. ProfessorAsim Kumar Mishra. sam_Free_Kundali_[] Uploaded by.

The Most Significant Match Making Factor Nadi matching is an important factor for the harmonious survival of the treasured and cherished bond, marriage. Correct match blesses the couple with all the boons of a good marriage and healthy children, whereas a mismatch could lead to unhappy married life. Read this article to know more about the facts and myths associated with it. Nadi matching is considered very important for matchmaking.

Amongst 36 points of Kundali matching, it is consisted of 8 points. Naadi match is for physical compatibility between the boy and the girl for their happy married life and also for progeny matters. It is considered, if the boy and girl are of same Nadi then there will be problems between their compatibility after marriage and childbirth. If the boy and girl have same Nadi then they are of same Prakriti. For example, in science, we see genetic disorders, weakness in children of same family of animals like lions and cheetah, to name a few.

In Astrology , people of same Nadi are not advised to get married as they are considered of same Prakriti. The 3 types of Nadis are divided in 27 Nakshatras. But, it does not mean that people with same Nadi as per Nakshatra cannot marry each other or they will have problem in their marriage. So, here Nadi Dosha gets canceled.

Indian Astrology,Horoscope

The Moon is actually a natural satellite of the Earth; while the Rahu and Ketu referred as North Node and South Node respectively are shadowy points having no real existence. However, the influence of these are considered to be significant upon the native; and, therefore, for astrological purpose, these planets are considered in Indian Vedic Astrology. These planets keep transiting over the twelve zodiac signs of the zodiac viz.

And, every planet generates different results in different zodiac sign. The brief results of these planets except Rahu and Ketu disposition in various zodiac signs are mentioned below. And, one thing should also be kept in mind that single planetary placement in a horoscope like Sun in Aries or Saturn in Libra should not be taken to conclude anything.

Kundali matching or Kundli milan is the vedic astrology equivalent of horoscope matching for marriage. In hindu societies, especially in India, where arranged marriages are common, kundali matching is the most important factor taken into consideration while moving ahead with a marriage proposal.

And it is possible by Mr. To get knowledge of astrology by him means a good start to live your life with unique vision! As he is able to resolve conflicts happen within life events of any individual for better if. Get online help for all astrological aspects by one of the best Astrologers Mr. Umang Taneja is a great human being helping us to find perfect life partner whose mastery in Nadi Astrology is recognised not only in India but also in abroad! Umang Taneja is also a great consultant who read birth chart with accuracy to resolve conflicts arises in life events like career, education, death, litigation, travel or health.

He holds all best possible online Nadi Astrology courses and presents various seminars on explaining Sun-Signs. You may get Astrology classes by one of the best Teacher, Shri Umang Taneja whose students learn accurate analysis of horoscopes.

Indian Astrology and its Components

Denial of Marriage Early Marriage There are number of factors that help to predict, an Early marriage is possible under following planetary positions; Venus should be well placed in Kendra and trikona in the star of benefic planet. Venus should not be in the company of malefic planets. Lagna lord should be strong or aspected to the 7th house. The placement of benefic planets in the 7th house. The 2nd house should be free from affliction and with benefic rays. Denial of marriage Denial of marriage is possible where there is strong malefic influence to the 7th house, 7th lord, Venus, 2nd house, and 2nd lord.

Apr 13,  · Kundali Milan-horoscope matching in Indian astrology Matching of horoscopes is considered very deep and intense rooted in Indian society. It is a time honoured tradition in India to compare and match horoscopes of prospective marriage : Indian Vedic Astrology.

Vedic Astrology or Jyotish as it is known in Sanskrit, is an ancient, divine, accurate and precise predictive and event analysis system based on karma which has its roots in the Vedic culture of ancient India. Vedic Astrology is a tool that is designed to forecast and interpret the past, present and future. The oldest and most renowned form of Vedic Astrology is the Parashara system which was converted into text about sixty centuries ago by a Vedic sage named Maharishi Parashara.

Some scholars re-instate that this oral tradition may be even older. When a human being takes birth he has Karma attached to his soul which accrues in this life in the form of events and circumstances in all the twelve areas of life. Vedic Astrology interprets that Karma and times the events accurately as to when an individual will receive what he has sown. To get a reading from a true Vedic Astrologer is a divine blessing by your karma itself. The emphasis that the Vedas place on karma is another fundamental supposition for understanding Vedic Astrology.

The horoscope shows the Vedic Astrologer what we have become now because of what we have thought and done in the past. Vedic Astrology, by providing us with a blueprint of our karmic attachments, problems, talents, and subconscious imprints, offers us a way of not only understanding what our karma is and guiding us to work with these battles within and without, but also a path to ascend and gain a perspective on this karma.

Once you understand your self, you have control of your future.

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