Gypsy Sisters

In the Season 2 premiere, the feud between Nettie and Kayla escalates into an all-out brawl. Meanwhile, Mellie receives an unexpected phone call after getting out of jail; and three new family members arrive in Martinsburg, W. With 3 new gypsy sisters this season, there was no doubt that the drama would be off the charts! We start off with some sad news, my favorite gypsy sister, Laura has packed up and moved away from Martinsburg, which means she’s no longer on the show. Mellie and Robbie are still splitsville Who didn’t see that coming lol But that’s where all the niceness ends. Apparently Kayla and Nettie are at war, and all the members of their family have to pick sides The war is getting ugly, with Nettie ready to kick Kayla’s ass and Kayla bad mouthin Nettie to Mellie, there seems to be no end in sight. Back in Martinsburg, Mellie is buying a swing for her unborn baby and she decides to impart on the store keepers some of the many gypsy superstitions:

Gypsy Sisters: Nettie on marriage, fights, and the vinegar diet

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With 3 new gypsy sisters this season, there was no doubt that the drama would be off the charts! Recap: We start off with some sad news, my favorite gypsy sister, Laura has packed up and moved away from Martinsburg, which means she’s no longer on the show.

View moreless Facts of Nettie Stanley An American television personality Nettie Stanley rose to stardom by portraying the role in a television serie, Gypsy Sisters, which is an American reality television series which was aired on TLC. Nettie Stanley was born on July 10, , and is currently 44 years old. Born to a Big gypsy family, she grew up with her mother, Lottie Mae Stanley. She spent her early life together with her siblings Mellie and JoAnn. Nettie is an American by nationality and belongs to white ethnicity.

Her birth sign is Cancer. Nettie made her acting debut in a popular television reality series of Gypsy Sisters called My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, and grabbed a huge attention in a short period of time. The series is based on the way of life and social beliefs of Romanichal woman who are based in Martinsburg in West Virginia.

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Colin hosts a round of “Weird Newscasters,” along with an agressive fire-and-brimstone televangelist Brad , a female dancer in a steamy rap video Wayne , and a year-old gawking teenager practicing making out; a “Doo-Wop” “Do the Trucker”; “Narrate” at a circus; “Songs of the Beekeeper. In “Sound Effects” old version Colin is a gladiator making preparations for a match; Wayne and the gang do a Cabaret version of “Song Styles” about a vacuum cleaner; “Scenes from a Hat” include “things that aren’t sexy done in a sexy way” and “ways you can describe your motorcycle but not your girlfriend”; Greg directs Ryan and Colin on an “Improbable Mission” to make breakfast; the “Three-Headed Broadway Star” sings “Whistle on Cue” from “Whistler’s Mother.

Kathy wins, so she sits out as the rest of the cast plays “Props. In “Let’s Make a Date,” Brad hosts while Wayne is an extremely aggressive woman who notices people making eyes at her boyfriend Colin, Colin is a head in a jar with dreams of taking over the world, and Ryan is a castaway improvising ways to survive on the Whose Line set; “Two-Line Vocabulary” features Brad, Ryan, and Colin in the surgeon’s room; “Songs of Vegas.

Next, Let’s Make A Date had Jeff choosing from Wayne the singing bass , Colin tempermental actor having to repeatedly kiss the other two in a movie , and Ryan group of prisoners in a crowded cell block welcoming newcomer Colin. Ryan and Colin are two business partners at a health center, with props provided by “Living Scenery” people Wayne and Kathy; Wayne sings a la Riverdance to Samantha, an aerobics instructor, in “Song Styles”; “2-Line Vocabulary” features Colin trying to save the world from Wayne “What does that do?

I did it again. The show starts with “Weird Newscasters,” where Colin anchors, Chip plays a young cowboy rodeo star, Wayne is the entire U. Colin hosts Weird Newscasters with a whiny girlfriend from a s gangster movie who thinks Colin is her mob boss boyfriend Kathy , a female Russian weightlifter trying to impress an American man with her strength Wayne , and an increasingly desperate Prince Charming using his own shoe as the slipper Ryan ; Wayne’s latest Song Styles is an 80s rock anthem for police detective Ingrid; Colin reports another Newsflash for Ryan and Kathy — from a roller coaster; Songs of the Race Car Driver.

Poseidon, with a captain’s hat representing John Wayne, a life boat representing Liberace, and a sight representing the Rainman; “Songs of Retirement. Hollywood Director started things, with the whip-wielding wicked lord Ryan forcing gypsy girl Esmerelda Whoopi to dance for him when hideously ugly Quasimodo Wayne swings in to save her; Colin directing. First up,Weird Newscasters had Brad as the anchor with Colin Brad’s jealous lover who knows he’s cheating on him , Wayne defending his title in the national greased pig championship , and Ryan first time mother going from conception to birth.

Gypsy sisters(s1) mellie vs Robbie’s ex (my edit)