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The Original Craggy Flathead Blackfish Jig’z – Designed for Blackfishing Designed for shallow to mid depths using light to medium spinning gear, with braided or monofilament lines and fluorocarbon leaders. This jig has out performed any other jig we make for the last seven years. Using the Tidaltails Blackfish Jig is as simple as this. Add your crab or favorite bait, drop it down, move it slowly. It’s not jigging, your using a jig to catch tog. This is the Jig you read about and have heard the Pro’s talk about. Simple to use with a lot less work. It is a blast on light tackle in shallow water. A lot of anglers targeting blackfish want to add thier own wrinkle with a different color. These are our solid color blackfish jig’z.

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Both lakes, Long and Grand are producing good amounts of fish. What we are hearing at this bait shop is that Grand Lake is producing nice catches of perch and some nice walleye. Long lake is doing the same but different. Both lakes have about 12 to 16 inches of ice and some snow on them. We hear that there are quads, snowmobiles and even a few vehicles on both lakes. Be sure and check out the lakes in the daylight before you venture out, anywhere.

The live bait used is the same faire as has been used for decades. Perch minnows, shiners blues, wigglers, waxworms and suckers for those bigger walleye and pike. Very basic stuff, no big surprises.

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A small pop-up bait was attached to the hair, and a small shot is secured on the barb of the hook. The shot is held using fine monofilament line which has been doubled to form a small loop, then the shot split is close to trap the two pieces of line. Once the loop in the line has past the barb, the shot can be gently pushed up so the shot is more secure, but, it still needs to be able to slide up the hook if the barb penetrates a carp’s flesh.

The idea of the shot weight is to cause the point of the hook to drop down quickly and hold it on the flesh of the bottom lip as the fish moves away. This causes the point to immediately catch a hold in the flesh of the bottom lip as the rig starts to come out of the mouth. Both the shot and rig putty weights also have the added advantage of pinning the rig on the bottom of the lake bed.

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Oct 18, Photo: Jason Sealock I have been experimenting more this year with different swimbaits outside my normal go-to baits and along with that I’ve been playing with just about every head and hook on the market. One hook I’ve used recently with a lot of success that I seem to have tied on all the time now is the Lazer Trokar Swim Blade. The Swim Blade is made like your ordinary screw lock weighted swimbait hook, but it’s design allows for a blade to be added on the under belly, giving you both a strong swimbait hook and the characteristics of an underspin.

It also features a crimped wire and a double swivel and hammered silver willow blade so the added flash is tucked up under the belly of the bait, further drawing bass in to the swimbait. I’ve had a few nice bass and watched a bunch of others get caught sharing the boat with some good anglers this fall.

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No more than 3 rods per angler and no more than two hooks per line. There are no restrictions on bait, sinkers or line. No fishing other than surf fishing Person baiting, casting the rod, hooking the fish must land the fish. All fish must be caught on hook and lure and landed on beach. If gaffing is required to beach fish, assistance may be used provided the fish is fully visible from the beach Unsportsmanlike conduct will result in disqualification.

When using a circle hook, I like to make sure the hook point is exposed enough to grab my hand easily if i slide my hand over the bait towards the hook. At times, it can be tough to keep the hook from fouling up, especially if you are fishing in current and the bait is tumbling around.

Bay Fishing with Bait Hopefully after reading this article the croaker and the fisherman will have a more pleasant day! Now some fishermen ask what is best Piggy Perch or Croaker that can be a tricky question. Croaker actually show up at the bait shop earlier May than Piggies June , so that is an easy choice in the beginning of the summer. Wherein lies the problem, determining when and what size the Piggies are when they become productive as fishing bait. Because of their size croaker are stronger swimmers for deeper water but the Piggies doubled up in the shallower sand pockets can be awesome fish catchers!

Daiichi Circle Chunk Light – Stopgap Baitholder – Bleeding Bait Red – D84

Bait and Rigging for Shark Fishing Bait and Rigging for Shark Fishing One of the most important parts of ensuring success when shark fishing is bait and rigging. Fresh shark bait should be a priority when it comes to shark fishing. Locally we have a fish market and another place that gets fresh seafood on almost a daily basis.

You can sometimes get decent shark bait at fish cleaning tables after the charter boats have come in. You can always offer a couple beers for their efforts.

I rig this bait up on a 3/0 trokar round bend worm hook on a lews carbon blue medium heavy speed stick with a bass pro formula baitcast reel ratio using 30 pound Berkley fireline braid. First time throwing this lure was an open water situation and I got nothing on it not even a swirl in the area of the lure.

Introduction to The Salmon River Area The Salmon River area, located in the Tug Hill region of New York, is widely known for it fantastic chinook king salmon runs each fall, and is becoming better known for its excellent steelhead and brown trout fisheries. The Salmon River is the principal angling stream in the region. Its holds this distinction for several reasons: It is relatively large, it has a relatively constant flow due to water releases from upstream dams, and it is heavily stocked with Chinook salmon which are raised in the hatchery on the river.

River and stream fishing in this region is principally for chinook and coho salmon, steelhead and brown trout. Atlantic salmon and smallmouth and largemouth bass can also be found in these waters. Chinook salmon in the region generally average 15 to 25 pounds.

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The meat of the salmon belly is high in fats and for humans this gives the fishy taste that some people find undesirable. Trimming the salmon belly and the pelvic fin off both sides of the salmon cut approx 1 inch wide strip off will make for a deadly bait and you will happily exchange a bit of fatty tasting salmon belly for a 40lb halibut.

Salmon skin is incredibly tough stuff. It will never come off your hook. This is what makes it the 1 halibut bait.

Hook-up bait and tackle, Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey. likes. Outdoor & Sporting Goods Company5/5(50).

Their unique design allows these spoons to be fished at almost any speed with deadly results. The Doctor Spoon is available in six sizes, eight styles and over 40 colors and jewelry-like finishes, giving anglers enough choices to catch just about all species of fish. Made in the U. It is exceptionally strong and smooth with unmatched abrasion resistance. Threadlock is hollow-core for easy knotless leader connections to Seaguar fluorocarbon leader material, making it the perfect braid-to-fluorocarbon connection.

Threadlock comes on either or 2, yard-spools. Above the surface, the subtle pink color enhances line visibility, and below the surface, pink is the first color that disappears in the water column. And invisible tippet means maximum strikes. Pink Label is available in , , , , , , , and pound-test and in a Big Game version in , and pound-test. Whether trolled or cast it will get noticed by a wide variety of game fish including salmon, char, trout, and pike.

Mustad Ultra Point Big Mouth Tube Bait Hook 5pk

Change your line every season. Sandy Hook is one of the most popular beaches for all of these activities. Exit the store and continue down 36 for about 3 miles. Bear right across the bridge and follow the signs for Sandy Hook. Parking at Gateway National Park. Don’t forget to pick up any missing essentials at our store.

Nov 01,  · We hook the bait above the anal fin if there’s not much current and we¹re anchored, but you have to feed out a little line so the bait isn’t pinned backward.

Enter any tackle shop and you will find an overwhelming selection of fish hooks from which to choose. Remember the movie “Exorcist”? Jeez, what a scene that was! Is this plethora a fifty cent word meaning “a whole bunch” of fish hook styles simply manufacturer marketing? Perhaps a little, but much thought and testing has gone into the design of each shape and style.

You’ll find fishing hooks with straight shanks, offset shanks and twisted shanks.

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