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Controversial author Richard La Ruina picked Russia as the best nation to pick-up the opposite sex in his ‘global guide’, arguing ‘no where on earth compares for beautiful women’. The year-old, from Cambridge, named Latvia, Denmark, China and Sweden in his top five countries for women, which he said he compiled based on looks and character. Richard, pictured with a Swedish woman, is a controversial pick-up artist with scathing views on British women Image: ITV The US was judged the second worst nation to meet the opposite sex with women ‘let down massively let down by their loud, often unintelligent and entitled demeanor’ and added British men ‘won’t have any trouble getting laid’. He argued both countries have a higher proportion of obese women while Argentina, Germany and Italy made up his worst five list. He said Russian women were the best to pick up women, pictured here with wife Katia Image: Swedish girls are nice but Denmark wins Scandinavia for me. Swedish women do use fake tan and dye their hair more. In August, the self-proclaimed pick-up artist made headlines when he advised male clients to seek women in Eastern Europe after claiming UK girls were ‘overweight and entitled’. He founded the dating advice company PUA Training, which teaches men how to seduce women.

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Stealth attraction is primarily an online video course that you can access within minutes of processing your purchase of the program. Once you get access, you can start learning the step-by-step methods for attracting any woman you want and having them ready to sleep within minutes of meeting you. The video course itself can be completed in about 3 hours at home, which means you can start applying them on any girl you want just hours after purchasing the program.

That way, you can get the core ideas immediately. It also works as a handy piece of reference that you can download to your PC, laptop or smartphone that you can look up quickly whenever you need a bit of a refresher. Also, Stealth Attraction has a rejection proof approach to attracting women and getting them to sleep with you.

1. Richard La Ruina (Gambler) Richard, known as Gambler, has made a name for himself in the UK as a Dating Coach and Pick Up Artist (PUA) thanks to skillful PR and his ‘Natural Approach’ advice to guys about meeting women.

Skeptics find online dating to be a desperate move of all unattractive, weird, and extremely shy singles all over the world. However, online dating has immensely gained popularity among singles all around the globe from all walks of life. Three million people, an estimate, from all parts of the world has paid for online dating since this is according to Jupiter Search. And in the US, there is an estimated number of 90 million singles. With the convenience of the internet, more and more singles each day are signing up with dating websites in the web.

It is no wonder that online dating service providers are sprouting all over the internet. If you conduct a search for dating websites, you will be given thousands of results on the web. It is safe to say that online dating service providers, with the increasing number of singles subscribing to online dating, are here to stay. Singles that are career-driven lack the time to go out and socialize in a traditional dating setting.

Some are tired of the bar and club scene.

Piers Morgan Brands Dating Guru ‘A D***’ Live On ‘Good Morning Britain’

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08: Richard La Ruina: How to Effortlessly Attract the Women You Want

Play in new window Download Richard La Ruina is a London-based internationally renowned pickup artist and coach. In he founded PUA Training, which now consists of five websites, popular weekend seminars, and boot camps around the world. He has trained over men and is the author of the best selling book The Natural. La Ruina is a sought-after guest speaker at seduction conferences worldwide. The skills that you will learn by practicing pickup actually translate into every area of life. Learning to read body language and vocal tonality will help you during business negotiations, understanding how to carry on a conversation will help you grow your social circle, and learning to overcome and handle rejection will help you become unstoppable in whatever endeavor you choose to pursue.

Feb 09,  · Richard La Ruina is full of shit. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You may have to register before you .

In Super Seducer 2, dating masters Richard La Ruina and Charlotte Jones guide players on how to become the most delightful bachelors and bachelorettes on the market. Adversely, they criticize and demonize actions that overstep boundaries and disrespect potential love interests. Exploring everything from social cues to the psychology behind a first impression and everything in between, Super Seducer 2 teaches players of different backgrounds and gender how to become irresistible and make the right flirtatious choices so that they may soon find themselves in the arms of their soulmate.

We set out to make people laugh and teach them along the way how to properly start a relationship which is something everyone can relate to. Like its predecessor, Super Seducer 2 features branching dialogue options that give players control of how each scenario ends. Players that make the wrong moves in their flirtatious conquests face a variety of awkward outcomes that range from simple eye roll to a thoroughly deserved rear choke hold. From professional dating tips from top advisors to outright cringe-inducing cautionary blunders, Super Seducer 2 is sure to leave a lasting impression and give you the tools needed to find that special someone once thought to be out of your league!

Key Features of Super Seducer 2 Include:

How to Pick Up Girls in 7 Situations: 32 Dating Coaches Share Tips

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Richard La Ruina (Gambler) Gambler (Richard La Ruina) made a name for himself quickly in the UK market as a dating coach and pick up artist thanks to his marketing and PR skills. He has two books that have been published and helped build his : Jul 07,

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Gambler’s advice is characterized by: A “Natural Approach” to meeting and attracting women based on a very direct approach. Improving your self and your lifestyle to make it easier to attract women. He also introduced the concepts of micro calibration and stealth attraction under the radar techniques when he released his stealth attraction system.

Richard La Ruina Retweeted Carys Afoko Very false, very misleading. You are discriminating against me because I am a dating coach, without even playing the game.

This has become the onset of getting the market being filled with several of pick up artists offering bootcamps and other services way ahead of the the other countries. That those males who are located in the US had an unfair advantage, because they are able to ask pick up artists about the latest tactics on getting and being successful with girlfriends. Since men in the United Kingdom also need some help from pick up artists, dating coaches hastily began sprouting— offering the same services that the America PUA were already offering.

Stunningly promptly, a few of those Europe cyber dating experts stood out and became influential— having regular TV and media appearances. PUA Training is considered as the most famous because it is the only company that dominated the media in the country. Below are the top 3, most leading pickup trainers of the dating company PUA Training: Gambler Richard La Ruina: From nothing in the year , Natural Art Of Seduction Gambler has been able to grow the company using his business and marketing knowledge.

Today, because of his hard work, this company is now the most popular in the area. Unlike those other companies that were just starting up, Richard La Ruina torrent has appeared widely on a variety of TV shows and other media.

The Simplest Way To Approach Hot Girls For Newbies

Damien King meetdamien More training tool than game, Super Seducer drops you into a variety of environments with beautiful women, letting you choose step by step how to steer conversations in order to ultimately make the girl yours. Reminiscent of those FMV-filled titles from the mid s, Super Seducer plays like an interactive movie, pausing between dialog to offer choices in how to react to things girls say with the goal of getting their phone number, a date, or taking them home.

The game offers ten different chapters, each focusing on a particular scenario such as approaching a girl on the street, in a nightclub, or escalating friendship to a romantic relationship. Variety in location, any previous relationship with the girl, and number of girls involved mean each requires a slightly different approach to win, aiming to teach when various levels of flirting, physical behaviour, and casual interest are appropriate in each case.

There are a fair number of different girls acting throughout Super Seducer, each with their own personality and interests but all broadly covering the base of an intelligent, attractive woman — this is the kind of person the game tries to teach you how to attract, after all.

About Richard La Ruina “I’m Richard La Ruina, a dating coach for men. I went from a year old who had never kissed a girl and was depressed, to becoming successful with .

How to Talk to Girls, which had to deal with a lot of negative press. Dating coach Richard La Ruina gives feedback based on your decisions and is personally trying your chosen options on the women in the game. With a bunch of very funny options to choose from, we asked him some questions about the idea and development of this unique game series available for PC via Steam.

We made all kinds of other mistakes that ran up our development budget due to needing to re-do things. The first version of the game had a tutorial, powerups, a countdown timer, lives, and was really confusing. Those who wrote articles without even playing the game plus all the others who just copy-and-pasted from that article. The second group being those that actually played. The sexy girls on the bed.

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Tomas Franzese on September 24, 9: Even after being banned from release on PS4, the series has still managed to sell over , copies on Steam. We tried to make a game that is both entertaining and informative, and the results in terms of sales, Twitch streams, Steam reviews, and YouTube videos speak for themselves. They will also attempt to get the game on PS4, even though they were initially denied. Watch out Devil May Cry 5. Richard also commented completing the trilogy, saying the developers will take feedback into account just like they did with Super Seducer 2:

The pick-up artist and dating coach Richard La Ruina has developed a notorious reputation in recent years. The year-old has written books titled The Natural: How to Effortlessly Attract the Women You Want, which along with controversial TV appearances has cast him as a villain in some circles.

This has become the onset of getting the market being drowned with many of pick up artists offering bootcamps and other services way ahead of the the other countries. For guys struggling with girl friends in many countries around the world, they looked towards the U. In the UK immediately after the U. Stunningly quickly, a few of those European area dating consultants stood out and became applauded— having frequent TV and media appearances.

PUA Training has been the most successful and most talked about dating company in the United Kingdom because it dominated the TV, press, and other the media. PUA Training has many dating coaches for men.

Richard La Ruina